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Sept. Living room cases


Sept. Living room cases(圖1)

big panel wall painting, white marble texture, LED light strip shining, use 160 flute panel decoration,  "Less is more" as the design concept, streamlined and perfect.

Sept. Living room cases(圖2)

There is a degree of relaxation without sacrificing luxury.

Sept. Living room cases(圖3)

The designer set the style to high-grade red according to the owner's needs and space description.Embellishment with warm colors and soft decorations creates this warm and beautiful space.

Sept. Living room cases(圖4)

High-grade gray background wall,Insoul WPC trim, many foreign friends like this style.

Sept. Living room cases(圖5)

for TV background, most prople still like marble, espeically white marble, flute wall panel can make it looks not so monotonous

Sept. Living room cases(圖6)

The full wall cabinets in the homes are displayed in front of you with completely different spatial functions. The deportment is close to nature, touching the design aesthetics ,remove the complex only leave simplify.

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